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Lougheed Shopping Centre

  • Lougheed, BC, CA
  • GH+A Design Studios
  • Agilis
  • Protero
  • Retail

Lougheed Town Centre is located in Burnaby, BC, formerly known as Lougheed Mall. Maxxit Systems worked with GH+A Design (Montreal), and IBI Group Vancouver to provide practical solutions and a great design concept. Maxxit engineered and manufactured a primary upper ceiling to achieve the seismic rating required in that region. Also, providing baffles (2 sizes), creating a staggered effect to add a unique aspect.

Lougheed Town Centre in BC used powder coated aluminum Agilis baffles in the space. The food court was a complex installation pattern and Soffit developed a ‘suspension frame’ system which greatly simplified the installation process, while meeting the seismic requirements. The space had an upper and lower ceiling, the upper being the one that had 2 baffle sizes running along it. Baffle sizes were pre-determined in order to fit the structural ceiling. Meaning, every baffle had a specific place on the ceiling that was planned in advance to simplify the installation.

The lower Protero baffle ceiling was a special rail system mounted to bulkheads to accommodate the baffles. This meant that the ceiling above was not required to hold the baffles; they were only mounted to the walls. Baffles were extrusions, and the longest length was 17’ of uninterrupted span.

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