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Acoustics: 3 Myths You’ve Heard, Busted!

  • Aaron Mcelwee
  • March 11, 2019

Everyone has their own take on acoustics, but many don’t realize that acoustics are essential in many spaces, not just spaces like music studios. Below are 3 myths about acoustics busted for you, including a solution to your noise problems.

1. Large spaces will give you speaking privacy even without acoustics.

When outside in a large, flat, open area, you know that your voice will carry. It’s the exact same indoors; because there are walls on four sides and the room is large, doesn’t mean your voice is only going to be heard by the person you’re speaking directly to. Suddenly, everyone in the surrounding area is listening in and mentally calculating responses to your conversation.

2. Glass walls are going to be your fix-all.

Glass walls are great for visuals; one thing they aren’t so great for is acoustics in a room. While they may work for practically cutting out all noise in-between spaces, the sound is just bouncing off the glass creating more noise in the area they are surrounding. When looking for ways to improve acoustics in a room, you must consider whether your solution is sound-absorbing, not sound-proof.

3. The cost is going to be atrocious to add an acoustical solution to your space.

Yes, a solution is going to cost you money to add to your space, but it may be less than you think, and a lot easier too.

Adding an acoustic solution into your space can do a lot for noise reduction and even makes it easier to have a phone conversation. No one wants to be on a call – an important one no less – and it sounds as if you’re strolling through Union Station during rush hour. (Yes, we’ve all had that call, and it can bothersome.)


Acoustical baffles: While being cost-effective, and contributing to the aesthetics of a room, they are also sound-absorbing and work well in any indoor environment. You don’t need to completely remodel your space in order to work them in.

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