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Agilis Canopy Partitions

Fabricated Metal Partition System

Establish boundaries and foster a sense of privacy, all while allowing natural light and air to flow freely.


Aluminum (Fabricated)
Varies from 0.67 - 1.10 lbs. / ln.ft.
0.41" - 0.60" design dependent
Surface Finish
Factory-Applied Polyester Paint
Available in Standard Colors, Color Matched
Fire Performance
ASTM E84 Class A. CAN/ULC S102.2
Floor mounted or custom millwork supports available
LEED Points
  • LEED BD+C: New Construction v4; MR: Regional Materials; MR: Recycled Content
  • LEED ID+C: Commercial Interiors v4; EQ: Low-Emitting Material
No VOC'S: No added urea–formaldehyde
Recycled Content
Recycled Content - up to 80%
- Perforated overhead canopy design promotes a sense of privacy while allowing natural flow of air and light
- Available in various configurations to fit a range of applications
- Perforation patterns include Standard, Premium and Custom Perforation
Custom Options
Custom sizes & shapes – At Maxxit custom is what we do best. We will make any shape or size you can design.
Standard Options
Standard sizes – in addition to custom we also have quick ship standard products available made to order; Cable suspension to building structure will be required at certain size combinations.
  • Lightweight & easy to install
Care & Maintenance
Cleanable using CDC recommended and EPA-approved disinfectants for fog, spray & wipe


Material and Finishing Options

Maxxit powder coat finishes offer superior chemical, scratch and UV resistance, they do not emit VOC’s and are available in a broad range of textures, glosses and specialty looks.

  • White

  • Snow White

  • Black

  • Blush Rose

    (20 gloss)

  • Sunrise Yellow

    (20 gloss)

  • Forest Green

    (20 gloss)

  • Pure Orange

    (20 gloss)

  • Gold

    (20 gloss)

  • Metallic Bronze

    (20 gloss)

  • Tan Straw

    (20 gloss)

  • Mid Beige

    (20 gloss)

  • Metallic Sterling Silver

    (20 gloss)

  • Charcoal

    (20 Gloss)

  • Sterling Silver

    (20 gloss)

  • Grey

    (65-75 Gloss)

Angles – Staggered 60°

  • Unperforated

  • S02 Staggered

  • S03 Straight

  • S04 Staggered

  • S05 Staggered

  • S06 Straight

  • S07 Staggered

  • S08 Straight

  • S09 Staggered

  • S10 Staggered

Angles – Diagonal 45° | Staggered 60°

  • P11 Straight

  • P12 Straight

  • P13 Diagonal

  • P14 Diagonal

  • P15 Straight

  • P16 Straight

  • P17 Diagonal

  • P18 Staggered

  • P19 Staggered

  • P20 Diagonal

  • P21 Straight

  • P22 Square Straight

  • P23 Square Straight

  • P24 Oblong Straight

  • P25 Oblong Straight

  • P26 Diagonal

Four distinct design families, each with customizable parameters. Whether it’s adjusting hole diameter, pattern density, or scale, we can create virtually endless variations of each pattern to suit individual needs and preferences.

  • Starlight

  • Bitstream

  • Radial Glow

  • Aqua Flow

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