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Bass Berry Sims

  • Washington, DC
  • Gensler, D|Watts Construction
  • Silentia Dimensional
  • Office

The client’s vision aimed to elevate the space with a distinctive ceiling feature that seamlessly interacted with lighting and shadows. Opting for our Silentia Dimensional Silhouettes provided a captivating aesthetic upgrade that complemented the overall ambiance.

Moreover, the integration of these silhouettes enhanced the visual appeal and significantly improved acoustic comfort within the area. Remarkably, this was achieved without additional hardware, as the design inherently addressed sound absorption and diffusion concerns.

Customization played a pivotal role in tailoring the project to fit the specific dimensions and requirements of the reception area. Specifications included a precise cone length of 5 inches, meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with existing lighting, ducts, and sprinkler systems. This ensured optimal functionality without compromising on the aesthetic coherence of the space.

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