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BGC Engineering

  • Edmonton, AB
  • DIALOG, Synergy Projects Ltd, KERR Interior Systems Ltd
  • Agilis
  • Silentia Dimensional
  • Office

Situated in the historic Revillon Building at the heart of downtown Edmonton, the client sought to address the issue of excessive noise within their bustling office environment. To enhance acoustic comfort and productivity, they envisioned a baffle ceiling solution that would effectively reduce noise levels while complementing the aesthetic charm of the building’s interior.

In the meeting room, Agilis baffles featuring a perforated, woodgrain finish adorn the ceiling. These baffles effectively control noise levels, fostering a more conducive environment for productive discussions and collaboration among employees. Moreover, Silentia Dimensional baffles grace the kitchen and common seating areas. Crafted from high-quality felt material, they mitigate sound reflection to enhance acoustic comfort for occupants.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, these baffles go in two directions to give the room visual focus. The clever use of linear lighting features gives the space even light and integrates beautifully with the sprinkler and ventilation system.

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