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Mother Parkers

  • Mississauga, ON
  • SDI Design, ESA Drywall
  • Agilis
  • Office

In collaboration with SDI Design, we completed the renovation of our client’s Mississauga office location. The client envisioned a space that reflected their legacy while incorporating modern elements to create a contemporary and inspiring environment. To achieve this, we used our Agilis perforated baffles in the lounge area that give sleek aesthetics while providing acoustic comfort. Accordingly, standard Agilis beams with a woodgrain finish and integrated ceiling planks adorn the ceiling in the meeting room. The warm wood infuses the space with warmth and inviting ambiance. Notably, the custom 9’ handing basket above the main reception desk serves as a captivating focal point that makes a striking statement. Overall, the new renovation breathes new life into this esteemed brand.

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