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4 Things to Consider When (Re)designing Your Retail Space

  • Aaron Mcelwee
  • April 9, 2019

Retail design is about drawing your target market into your space. If this isn’t happening – well, you know what WILL happen. Even if you run online, that brick-and-mortar space is costing you money.

Below are 4 ways to get the attention of consumers and have them coming into your store.

1. Displays

Craft creative and unique displays to grab the attention of people passing by. In order to create consistency, it should be based on the brand image you’re trying to project. Crowded, messy displays can keep people from coming into your store because they don’t want to deal with ‘clutter’. Well you know it’s not cluttered, having space for people to browse can help draw them in.

2. Lighting

Lighting can convey so much to your customers. Different lighting can affect the mood or the style you are going for. Again, along with everything else, lighting needs to be consistent with your brand. If you’re a colorful and playful brand, sophisticated light fixtures, or having low lighting in the store may not convey that to your customer.

3. Accent Walls and/or Graphics

Having accent walls/graphics can do so much for a space and where you are trying to go with it. They can draw the attention of people and bring them into the store and have them look around. With all the ‘Instagrammable moments’ today, why not try to appeal to this market? Having them in, even if they aren’t there to buy, can be free advertisement on social media.

4. Digital Signage

In the digital age, the question is, why not digital signage? This can be a great way to have consumers’ eyes drawn towards your store. Have them looking, it can leave a lasting impression so they’ll remember you for next time. It could even get them interested to come into your space now to see what you’re all about.

If you’re looking to open a retail space, it would be best to think ahead about these factors; it could be what makes all the difference with getting people in your door.