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Industry Influencer Announces Color of the Month

  • Aaron Mcelwee
  • September 8, 2021

Color is important to design, without it a space becomes drab and disappointing. Color is the way to spice up design it’s what gives it life, personality, and character. So it’s no surprise that being a successful designer depends on the ability to understand color trends, pairings, and what colors complement each other. Getting a sense of where the year’s color trends are going is an interesting process. It depends on drawing on information from industries like fashion, home décor, and auto design. There’s nothing like being ahead of the game when it comes to choosing the right colors for your design projects. Being in the know of the up-to-date color trends will be something your clients will love.

Color trends in interior design have evolved over time. Industry influencers such as Sherwin-Williams and Pantone announce their color of the year and interior designers adopt these colors to build beautiful corporate settings, retail, living spaces and more. Besides the shade for the year, Sherwin- Williams picks monthly colors as well. September’s Novel Lilac shade is a pastel violet with pink undertones that adds a splash of vibrancy. It’s a shade of purple which symbolizes power, wisdom and creativity.

“With the ability to be calming and uplifting, purple is an ideal choice for spaces where you seek creative energy, and focus.”

Sherwin-Williams new color for the month, Novel Lilac is closely matched with our Silentia Periwinkle shade. To learn more about our 35 quick ship colors and our custom capabilities, click here.