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It’s True, Atmospheric Design Will Boost Your Profits!

  • Aaron Mcelwee
  • June 15, 2017

Imagine yourself walking through a shopping mall that is full of many wonderful stores. Isn’t it funny how you just pass right by a store without giving it a second thought of going in, but other stores you seem to be lured into? Ask yourself, what is it that is luring you into that store? Why is that happening? What is it that is attracting you into that store? Maybe it’s just the style of clothes or shoes, or furniture that they sell, or maybe the store itself is attracting you.

Most people have visually structured minds, it’s how the human eye works. That is why everywhere you go; stores, restaurants, entertainment spaces, they’re all trying to come out with the latest designs. Customers love to go into a store that is physically attractive. It adds interest, it adds attraction – we’re like a fish with a string of bait. We see something appealing to the eye and we go for it.

Take for instance a restaurant that you’ve never tried out before. Your first judgment certainly won’t be how the food tastes, or what the customer service is like because you haven’t even gotten that far. Your first judgment will be how it looks; if it looks like an appealing place to eat at.

There are a few things that come into play to make a place attractive. Obviously the first and foremost would be organization; any retail store or restaurant needs to be organized in a way that doesn’t confuse a customer. Disorganization can make people feel uncomfortable, or even claustrophobic. People will want to come back if they know that it was easy and straightforward finding what they were looking for.

Another important element is lighting. Obviously, lighting starts with allowing the customer to see the merchandise so you want it to be good, proper, and bright lighting. But even how the lighting appears can enhance the overall shopping experience. Lighting needs to stay up-to-date – tube lighting, for example, must go. If you add modernized lighting, it adds a lot of character to a space. It’s the type of thing that people notice, comment on, and remember you for.

Try playing around with contrasts, painting certain walls bright and contrasting colors to draw attention to certain areas – it may be the area where all your specialty goods are that you want to be noticed. Keeping everything updated – simple changes in lighting, color, and design – all add up. It will boost your profits by keeping new and returning customers interested and attracted, and flowing through your doors. There is a lot of competition in today’s world, and that is why your store or space should be visually appealing because that’s what keeps people interested. All the changes mentioned above are small changes that don’t cost much but will make drastic changes to your profits.