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Kraft Heinz

  • Toronto, CA
  • Syllable Design, Marant Construction Limited
  • Tignum
  • Silentia Dimensional
  • Office

Our collaboration with Syllable Design for Kraft Heinz unveils an innovative space designed to serve as a dynamic tech hub, offering a myriad of features tailored to foster productivity, collaboration, and accommodate a diverse array of professionals seeking an inclusive and vibrant work environment.

Tignum Contour baffles adorn the reception area, infusing a dynamic ambiance to the office setting. Crafted in a flowing wave pattern with a warm wood finish, this design is further executed by custom wood slats that wrap the columns.

The implementation of Silentia Dimensional Crossroad felt baffles in the meeting room and over workstations enhances acoustic comfort and elevates the ambiance. The choice of blue baffles in the meeting room offers sound-reduction capabilities for focused discussion and productivity. This is complemented by the carpeting and the blue walls that contribute to a cohesive design scheme.

Furthermore, Silentia Dimensional Quiet Walls offer room-quieting acoustics in areas where individuals are engaged in group discussions and brainstorming sessions while the Silentia Dimensional Cloud in circular shape is a beautiful compliment to the tables, columns, vents, and lighting fixtures of similar spherical shape.

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